Yenikapı Mevlevihanesi Whirling Dervishes Show

Yenikapı Mevlevi Lodge is Temporarily Closed.


Yenikapi Mevlevi Lodge (Mevlevihane), referred to as “Mevlanakapı”, was the most important (and the largest in Istanbul) Mevlevi lodge in Turkey after its main Mevlevi center in Konya.

Yenikapı Mevlevi Lodge was built in 1597 on the land donated by Malkoç Mehmet Efendi, the Chief Caliph of Janissary, nicknamed Kocabektaş, the neighborhood where it was established, which was located beyond the city borders during the expansion period of the city.

Many dervishes, who belonged to the Mevlevi religion, went on to open places of worship in different parts of Istanbul in order to live their religion. This place of worship opened just after the historical Galata Mevlevihanesi, is steeped in history and carefully preserved outside the hours of the sema show.


Yenikapı Mevlevihanesi Whirling Dervishes
Yenikapı Mevlevihanesi Whirling Dervishes

If you want to watch a real Whirling Dervishes Show with the most authentic ambiance then this is the place to go. Built-in accordance with the Sufi culture, this Mevlevihane was built around the 16th century and is listed among the 14 largest lodges in the world.